The Michelin E-Drive System

The Michelin E-Drive System

A unique solution POWERED BY MICHELIN that converts a classic bike into an ebike with a simple turn of the pedal. Brought to you by Michelin & Mobivia Group, launch expected May 2017.

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A perfect combination of an innovative e-drive system and a carefully developed tyre by Michelin, this e-drive kit has power to revolutionize the world of mobility

Affordable system

An affordable system

With unparalleled price and quality the system boasts of being best in class.

Including casing, rear carrier and tyre.

Featherweight, less than 3kg

Less than 3 Kg

The Michelin casing weighs less than 3kg making it one of the lightest available in market today.

Quick transition, less than 3sec

Less than 3 Sec

All it requires is one single pedal movement to convert your bike from classic to electric and vice-verca.

  • Michelin casing
  • Michelin casing


The Casing solution has been designed by Sacha Lakic.
Having worked with big clients like Venturi, Voxann Wattman etc. Sacha Lakic has been involved in providing a lot of e-mobility solutions. The casing houses the battery, the intelligence and the motor which sets the tyre in motion.



The Tyre holds the real innovation and has been very carefully crafted and designed by Michelin. The tyre is integrated with teeth which when comes in contact with the pinion sets the tyre in motion. It is currently available in 28" size and will soon be available in 26" and other sizes as well. The tyre can cover over 3000km as a normal bike tyre since there is no agression on it due to the drive pinion.

  • Michelin E-Drive System luggage carrier
  • Michelin E-Drive System luggage carrier
  • Michelin E-Drive System luggage carrier

The Luggage Carrier

The luggage carrier is a stylish component that holds the casing into position. It is easy to attach to the bike and easy to handle. Also, user has the choice to remove the casing in order to charge it or to keep it safe before leaving the bike.

Essential Features

Less than 500€

More than 30 Kms

The E-Bike can cover up to 50Kms once the battery has been completly charged.

Featherweight, less than 3kg

Less than 3 hours

It comes with Li-Ion Battery which is 36V 7Ah-252Wh and PANASONIC 2.9Ah cells.

Quick transition, less than 3sec

Bluetooth 4.0

The E-Drive System comes with a bluetooth 4.0 integrated in the solution which provides services.


Technical Details

The Michelin drivechain system integrates a smart controller which manages 2 modes: speed mode and torque mode depending on the user and the bike status. Following are a few important points for consideration:

  • Low consumption of our brushless and sensor less motor (250W).
  • Life cycle of our battery improved because of no peak current.
  • The accelerometer allows you to have the same feeling as that of a torque sensor without constraints of cost, weight and installation

A solution adaptable for all kinds of urban usage

Commuters going to work by bicycle

Travelling to work

You can use the bike as a trouble-free means of transport to your office.

Two women riding bikes downtown

Travelling to the City

Your visits to the nearby store for groceries will no longer be a burden.

Woman having a joyful bike ride on the seaside

Travelling for pleasure

Do not hesitate to take your family for a picnic with a ride so awesome.